Aerial Powerline Maintenance Services

UAS Aerial Powerline Maintenance team comprises powerline company and powerline helicopter experts who have been providing live powerline maintenance services worldwide; these included our long term partner - Australian Aeropower Pty, China Southern Grid, Guangdong Powerline Maintenance Company, as well former senior executives and pilots of well-known helicopter companies, each with a minimum of thirty years senior management experience.

Our mission is to promote the safe application of helicopter and various types of aerial vehicles on powerline maintenance work.

Our Services:

Provision of aerial patrol, surveillance, inspection and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution line infrastructure.

We have a proven track record of successfully delivering project assignments for clients in Hong Kong, China, and Australasia.​  

  1. Annual Insulator Washing for CLP (HK)
  2. Training of CLP Linesman for methodical inspection
  3. Training of China Southern Grid for methodical inspection
  4. Training of China Southern Grid for Live Line Human External Cargo Work
  5. China Southern Grid and Yunnan Powergrid Executive Training
  6. Guangdong Powergrid Radiography of transmission components